The Biography Of Prophetess Mary Bushiri [Age, Life Profile & History]


Prophetess Mary Bushiri is the wife of prophet Shepherd Bushiri and together with her husband are both influential leaders who serves with excellence and integrity.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is happily married to Mary Bushiri who previously answered to the surname of Zgambo before the young and billionaire prophet claimed her heart to make her a “Mrs Bushiri” in a colourful ceremony at Mzuzu Stadium in 2011.

Throughout their nearly 5 years of marriage, Prophetess Mary Bushiri has diligently served alongside her husband Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering and president of Shepherd Bushiri Ministries international in Africa, which serves nearly 60,000 members.

Enlightened Christian Gathering, Pretoria in South Africa which hosts over 35,000 worshipers each week.

* An Uzomedia Biography


17 thoughts on “The Biography Of Prophetess Mary Bushiri [Age, Life Profile & History]

  1. These Bushiri Family are the True Greatest Prophet and Prophetes of our Lifetime. Whoever talking bad things about them i feel so hurt because it is Clear that they dont know what NONSENSE they are Talking about. I pray God that one Day they see the light.

  2. I love my prophet and prophetess Mary Shepherd Bushiri, major 1 no matter what people say,I don’t care , I don’t stress . Jesus is my boss prophet Shepherd Bushiri,my prophet ,ECG my church.

  3. I love prophet shephard bushiri major 1 i wish he could touch me my generaion will changefor better l dont get tired in watching his channels

  4. We are blessed to have a mom and dad who are dedicated in the work that God chose for them. Not only are they great rile models they also lead by example and I am proud to say I draw my strength from them in my spritual journey. I am proud to be a daughter and to serve God under their ministry and leadership.

  5. Happy birthday Major 1
    I love and believe in my prophet, and I Dont get tired to be under the anointing at miracle tent receiving from God.

    I know one day God will remember me and my family.

    I have chose to close my ears from those who blocking us not to receive by spreading bad news, the more they bad mouse the more I love this man of God major 1 is parabola,

    I am a die heart proudly member of ECG

  6. Happy happy birthday Papa May The Lord Almighty increase de days of ur life nd May U live longer for us,I’m so proud to share spiritual DNA with u nd Mama I luv u so much Prophet of our Generation nd Shalom

  7. I am a daughter of Papa nd Mama Bushiri I always connect trough prophetic channel to remain protected because prophetic channel is our gift to our house,I love my spiritual parent nd Shalom

  8. I u love papa and mama Bushiri,happy birthday i will die under the God of major1 our true prophet gift from heaven,thank you for all the work you have done so far by changing millions of people’s lives,may you live longer and save the whole world.

  9. Indeed God is using this couple mightly. Let’s learn to appreciate God for such a wonderful gift to mankind, Major 1, the Prophet of the Most High!

  10. May God almighty grant my spiritual parents many more revelations and many more years and abundant grace and mercy upon them, they are a true resemblance of God.

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