The Biography Of Bisola Aiyeola (Bisola) [Age, Life Profile & Net Worth]


Abisola Aiyeola (born 1986) popularly known as Bisola, is a Nigerian-British actress, singer, MC and presenter. She’s a voice over artist and a one time TV host of Billboard Nigeria which aired on silver bird television from 2011-2013.

Her fame began when she contested in the 2008 edition of MTN Project Fame and this is what she has to say about how the competition helped her; “Project Fame helped me in the movie industry. The first director I got to work with was a D.O.P on Project fame. ” – Bisola revealed.

“The first and second directors I worked with were working on Project Fame, so, it did help.”

Abisola is part of the radio station WFM 91.7 (Nigeria’s 1st Radio station for WOMEN and their families).

Abisola says she was a spoilt child till age 8 when her then well-off family hit some major hurdles.

She had to move to rural Nigeria where she lived with cousins selling make up and she got another shot at the high life when she came fifth in a reality singing competition.

Bisola is one of the housemates in the 2017 Big Brother Naija television shows.

The multi-talented lady has always known how to turn heads right from the first day she walked into the Project Fame audition hall.

She still plies her trade in the entertainment industry, revealing her comic side and using her voice to charm her listeners on her radio show on Nigeria’s first Women’s radio station – WFM 91.7.

Bisola has also delved into the Nollywood industry, featuring in movies like “The Life Of A Nigerian Couple” and “Forever With Us”.

A proud mother to a beautiful daughter and a success story to many.

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12 thoughts on “The Biography Of Bisola Aiyeola (Bisola) [Age, Life Profile & Net Worth]

  1. bisola’s funs kindly vote her as the best musician in yesterday task at big brother niger,we all know she is talented,why throw her talent away while we can vote to lift her through support this niger babe, voting closes tomorrow 8pm..this babe got talent i swear..go to africanmagic.dstv for more information..we chat app..kindly vote her

  2. Abisola Aiyeola. na wa o. ki ni aya yi. even the Association of singles mothers condemned your act in BBN. what is it about life? it is what we lay down for others to see, life is nothing with Christ. yes you a right to do whatever you life but what ever we do in this world does it pleases God Almighty? Abisola all your actions and inactions in the House dose it pleases God. at least remember your child, she will grow up one day. even other women are not happy with your actions, it is evil nothing more, that you were rape some years ago when you were 19 does not say you should now allow a married man (TTT) to sleep with you on a national TV. in fact an Hausa girl will not do this on national tv. the organizers of BBN are devilish. we are at end time Jesus is coming soon.

  3. Pls,writer it is ” this is what she HAS to say” and not ” this is what she have to say” ( third person singular in pronouns)

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