Outrage as Schoolgirls are Stripped N*ked and Paraded Around School Compound…The Reason Will Shock You (See Photos)

—The accused school teacher—

An Indian school teacher has sparked outrage after allegedly stripping her students n*ked and parading them around.

The woman (name withheld) who teaches at Girls High School in Sonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh, India, is being accused of allegedly stripping and parading the girls in their nu*de state inside the school ground just because they did not complete their homework.

—The assaulted girls—

According to Mid Day News Mumbai, one of the girls revealed that she along with the other girls were ordered to remove their skirts before they were paraded on the school playground for not learning a lesson asked by the teacher.

She further alleged that they were not spared even after some boys t
ried to peek from the school wall.

However, the accused teacher cried foul and said that the allegations by the students are false and nothing of this sort happened.

Investigation has been launched into the matter.


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