The Biography Of Kaylah Oniwo [Age, Life Profile & Net Worth]


Kaylah Oke Wemimo (born January 22) popularly known as Kaylah Oniwo, is a Nigerian actress, model, dancer and Radio/Television presenter. She was raised in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Kaylah Oniwo attended Bowen University, Osun state where she graduated with a degree in Banking and Finance in 2006. While in school and during her National Youth Service in Ebonyi state she hosted some shows in Radio Unity Nigeria FM, Abakaliki including Campus Square and YOUTH SCENE which gave her the much confidence to pursue a career in radio entertainment.

Kaylah joined COOL FM(a popular radio station in Lagos Nigeria) where she co-hosts the ROAD SHOW and also a fashion show CATWALK WITH KAYLAH.

Kaylah Oniwo has hosted other shows such as the Future Awards Leadership Summit, Red Carpet show at Aviators Magazine Aviator’s Night, Copa Lagos Fashion Show at Eko Atlantic, and many other events.

The beautiful talented presenter also have a certificate in Acting for Stage, Film, Dance and Drama which she acquired from popular Nigerian couple actors Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva’s Academy of performing Arts (LUFODO/LAPA).

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