“I Am The Mother To My Children” – Karan Johar…Read full details

Karan Johar (Photo Credit: Avinash Gowariker)

Karan Johar pleasantly surprised us all when he announced the birth of his twin children – Yash and Roohi. We couldn’t be happier for him because we all know what a great dad he’d make! Karan was at the India Today Conclave this morning and spoke about this new journey with great abandon. On being asked who would be his choice as mother to his kids, this is what he said.

I am the mother of my children. I am more of a mother than I am a father.

Karan’s kids were born prematurely and unfortunately, have had to stay in the hospital for longer. He spoke about this experience.

I didn’t even realize that tears were rolling down my face because I just could not believe that there were two pieces of me staring at me, vulnerable, innocent and all piped and tubed up. My need to have children comes from my sense of nurturing. I wanted to channelise the love within me.

Awww! We’re so happy and excited for your new journey, KJo! Can’t wait to see what these little munchkins are like. 🙂

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